Vision 9 - Evangelism & Discipleship

Apr 16, 2023    Dan R Eide

In Joshua 1:9 Israel is entering a promised land and they are told to "Be strong & courageous - do not be afraid or discouraged

in Mt 28: 18 Jesus called us all to make disciples - not converts but disciples. Evangelism at it's core

is - Sharing the gospel, the Good News of Jesus life, death & resurrection - not just to pray a short prayer of acceptance with someone but to share the LIFE of Christ with them so they walk into freeedom and victory in Christ. Evangelism takes the time to lead a soul into the Kingdom and then connect them to a person to guide to walk with them - or be that guide - into kingdom living.

Believe - Repent - Accept Resurrection life - Live that life.

Disciples follow Him, walk with Him in: conversation, learning opportunities, correction, suffering, miraculous actions, relationship, imitation.